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Blue Skies

About Dragon Boat Crew

Dragon boat racing has been a part of my small Iowa hometown for the last 26 years. It was only this year that I learned about a local BCS (breast cancer survivor) team and got "bit by the dragon." ​


Tenth grade basketball was the last time that I was on a sports team. (I'm 5'6"...I got cut. Go figure.) I started running in my 40s, but to an extent, it's a singular experience. Now in my 50s, I would have never guessed that I would be on a sports team. ​

There is a tremendous amount of expertise and goodwill in the dragon boat community. However some of it lives in one place, and some lives in another place online. I started to wonder what it would look like to have one space to connect, learn, and celebrate our sport, our stories. Maybe you've wondered this too. 

Dragon boat racing. There is nothing like it. 

The dragon boat doesn't care if you're white, black, young, old, able, adaptive, straight, gay, Christian, atheist.​


It does care if you work together. 


​The world needs more dragon boat.

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